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It's so damn hard to write for others when you can't use the characters you really want to. So I'm just as glad to be back at Gaia. ;)

     Alright no more bullshitting around

     "Alright, ladies and gentlemen...", a voice spoke, reaching for a cup of coffee, shining the glow of the afternoon sun. "This the part of the program where I ask for your...    PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS. If you've had one that you want to share with me, just fire away!"

     Red lights lit up all over Luigi Mario's phone. grabbing the reciever and hitting "1", he spoke. "Hello, welcome to the Luigi Mario Experience! You're on the air..."

     "Hi, my name's Sally Acorn... I was wondering, and I dunno maybe you get this a lot... have you ever met any dead celebrities?"

     Luigi was somewhat confused by the caller's question. "Well... well how do you mean, friend? Met them before they died or... you know..."
     "Have you ever met their ghosts? Talked to them any?"

     Luigi looked out at his assistant, a cute koopa troopa, who was giggling at the question. "Well..." Luigi started, "kinda. Some people are forgotten in time, even if they ruled a whole kingdom. I have met ghosts that were once mighty people, but nobody I was familiar with myself. Usually I'd end up helping them fulfill some sort of requirement to uh.. to move on to the uh.. other side. Any particular reason you wanna know, or you just curious?"

     "Mostly just curious", the caller responded. "Although... I've been hearing a rumor spreading around about Ridley. You remember him?"

     "Well I... I certainly do. What have you heard?"

     "Well.." the caller continued, "Just that apparently his vengeful spirit still roams outer space, on an endless quest for his killer, whom he still doesn't know is also deceased."

      "Yeah..." Luigi sighed, well aware of that last fact. "Well, that-that's the thing with Ridley, folks. He just couldn't be killed off for good, and when he finally is dead, he still keeps coming. Well, I wanna thank you, Sally, for your call, if I ever *DO* run into, say, the ghost of Elvis or King Tut or anyone I oughta know, I'll letcha know." he grinned.

      "Well alright," she chimed back, "thank you!"

      Luigi hung up, and dialed #2...

      "Hello there! This is the Luigi Mario Experience, you're on the air..."

      "Uh... yeeaah.." said a kind of southern country voice. "Y'all talk about U.F.O's any? You know, like aliens??"

      Luigi blinked, staring at his assistant. She just shrugged. "Uh... friend I'm not sure what you mean, there's spaceships come and go all the time from here, I'm not sure how..."

      "Yeah yeah yeah, but check this me and my buddy was driving down the road today and we swear we saw this jet fly over, like we'd never seen before. It had like... forks in front of the nose..."


      "The wings were at an angle... not like bent back at an angle, but they zig-zagged just a little up and down...  landed in the woods about half a mile from us... I dunno if the two aliens saw us, but...    uh... we saw them."

      "Really?" Luigi asked, skeptical not because aliens were involved, but because they were such a common sight anyways. "And what did these... aliens... look like, that was so alarming?"

      "Just like us", the caller responded. "The one of 'em was this real fat lookin guy, kinda long hair... probably the leader."

      "And the other?"

      "Well", the redneck spoke, "Don't quote me on this... but I think I saw Max Walker."

       Luigi's mustache drooped. "I... I'm sorry can you repeat that?"

       "Max Walker! I saw him getting out of the jet!"

       Luigi blinked. "...Are you sure?"

       "No... but it did look *exactly* like him!"

       "I..  I see..." Luigi pondered. He had just remembered that many people were probably listening to the station right now, and had heard about this. "Well...  call again, if you... if you see anything, okay?"  


       "Oh sure!! Yeah we'll let y'all know!!" Max grinned, Robert giggling behind him. Hanging up the phone, he smiled and returned to the ship, with Robert in tow...



                                 2011 Rustedsoda Presents
                                     THE NEW CAPTAIN N:

       The silver bird streaked across the sky, a desert below it. In the distance was a high cliff, nearly at level with the clouds. As Vic Viper passed the cliff, green grass and babbling brooks changed the scenery. Soon, the hills literally gained eyes, and Max had to steer to avoid hitting some blocks suspended in the air.

       "Oh, my, god..." Robert smiled. "Are those what I think they are??"

       "Heh yeah, but good luck finding a Super Mushroom in them..." Max told him. "Turns out they have to be placed in those boxes..."

       Robert looked around, admiring the views of hills and lakes and trees. "Uh, where are we going anyways?"

       "You wanna get back home, don't you?" Max smiled. "The warp zone is under Peach's castle."

       "Well, uh, yeah..." Robert nodded. "Forgot about that..."

       "Welp," Max yawned, "Time to start a ruckus. Let's just land this sucker right in front of the castle!!"

       Max somehow felt entitled to cause a scene. After all, what a scene it would be! Despite protests from Ramona, Max once again engaged the landing sequence of the Vic Viper, hoping to draw attention to his trespass of airspace.


       "Uh.. Princess Peach?" Toad meeped.

       "Hmmm?" She responded. "What's the matter?"

       "You might wanna move to the basement..." He said, tugging on her arm. "Someone's got a plane illegally bearing down right in front of the castle!!"

       Peach promptly got up and followed Toad to the castle's basement, while several little guards rushed out front. "I don't understand!!" Peach exclaimed. "How was that plane able to do so without anything picking it up?"

       For several minutes, Peach sat in silence, with mushroom folk around her. Nothing could be heard.

       ...then the door opened, and a single guard came running down the stairs.

      "It's okay!!! It's okay!!" The guard screamed, jumping in the air and smiling widely, with joyous news. "He's here!! He came back!!"

      "Who!?", Peach called out, "WHO is back!?"

      The little guard's smiled curled even wider somehow, as he looked at Peach with big eyes.

      "Your highness...       Max Walker is alive. I just SPOKE WITH him, and he's standing right outside!"

      Peach, cautiously, went up the stairs, surrounded by guards. When she opened the front door of her castle...

     ...her heart suddenly shot up. "No..."

     Sure enough, standing there in front of her, stood the impossible: Max Walker, Game Master.

     "...sup, Princess?"



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