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    What can be said about space? A vast globe of darkness and stars? A box? Nobody has even been to its true edge, so we cannot say for sure what a map of it would resemble. However, for a few years now, space has played an important part in Max's life. He found Kevin in it. He nearly threw up in it. He almost died... near it. Now, he was going to make Robert puke just as much... or so he feared.

    ...but enough about that. There's someone else worth mentioning... somewhere very far away.

    It was a white craft, vaguely resembling a bird, with a blue canopy. The massive shadow of a planet began to cast down on the craft, bathing its occupant in total darkness as well. A hand pressed some buttons to prepare for landing, and the craft continued on its course toward the shaded region of the sphere.

    The planet was a bit similar to Jigrad's cities, but much more broad. Cars and sirens could be heard all about the surface, their headbeams creating a light show down below. The night sky was further blackened by the artificial lighting of the city, and no stars were visible. As the white bird entered its atmosphere, it began to curve toward a specific building...

    The white bird slowed down, hovering over a skyscraper. It came to a stop, hovering a foot or so from the ground. After a few seconds, the top hatch opened and out stepped a familiar looking suit, only also colored completely white, with a blue visor and cobalt lighting. If one tried hard enough, they might hear a familiar fanfare play as Samus Aran stepped out of her craft, and surveyed the cityscape below her. She said nothing as she ran toward the door and began to descend the building...  where was she? What was she doing? Who was she looking for? That is what Damara herself said, when Samus confronted her on the 12th floor. Arm cannon pointed right at Damara, a missile loaded in the chamber, Samus said one thing, and one thing only.


                                                             2010 Rustedsoda Presents

                                                                  THE NEW CAPTAIN N
                                                            PART VIII: CRUSH THE FORCE



     On silvery wings, Robert Nelson and Maxwell Walker, aka Captain N: The Game Master, soared through the cosmos, toward a location only their computer could tell them. Max looked absolutely excited as he blasted his way forward, but Robert seemed uneasy.

     "Stop...    stop...            STOP" Robert pleaded.

     Max evened the ship out. "What's the matter Robert? You getting sick in space?"

      "Yes..." Robert nodded almost immediately. "Please, stop doing that..."

      "Huh... didn't think it could really be felt in space...      still, okay..."

      "It's.. it's the view for me. The view outside is making me sick..." Robert told him.

      Max noticed a small panel blinking. It was pointing toward two planetoids that somehow managed to remain within mere miles of each other without utterly destroying themselves. Most profoundly, pine trees were growing on both ends, and had not been uprooted. According to Ramona, there was a few bacterion forces lingering here, near some volcanoes. Max's face just lit up.

      "Ready those guns, Robert!! We're gonna get some practice!!"

      Robert concentrated, in a nod, trying to look only at his targeting computer, while Max flew between the planets. Max grinned, spinning to avoid some stray shots by an enemy bouncing along the planetary ceiling above them.

      "Robert!! Fire!! Fire!!!"

      Robert grabbed his stick and unloaded several bullets in the direction of the jumping enemy. It exploded on contact with the first bullet, and Vic Viper dashed through the wreckage. Max noticed a large hole carved through the side of a mountain, and flew through it for cover, while he assaulted several targets on the surface of one of the planetoids, including three turrets and a hatch.

      Pine trees and grass whizzed past the canopy as Max concentrated on a large target in the distance. Occasionally they would attack a few airborne foes and some surface targets, but the real meat of the fight was just ascending from below and behind the lower planet.

      Big Core.

      Before Robert could move to attack, Big Core released a large shockwave, setting off the local volcanoes on the surface. Rocks and hardened lava went blasting in every whichway direction, creating a cloud of debris that Max couldn't risk navigating through.


      "I know what to do", Robert told him. "Shoot the rocks!!"

       Max shook his head. "No, shoot the volcanoes!! Maybe this'll work like in Life Force..."

       "Ah, I don't thin-"

       "Robert, come on!!"

       Robert sighed, and attempted Max's strategy. Despite this being clearly the first stage of the original Gradius, the Life Force strategy actually worked, blocking up the mountain and stopping the eruption... for now. Big Core's inner core turned from Red to blue, and it began firing upon them.

       "Alright, I know what to do here!" Max grinned. "Destroy the core!!"

        "Standby..." Ramona uttered, as targeting information was loaded, and Big Core approached. "Standby...      Standby...        Weakness has been locked on to: Destroy the core!!"

         Big Core spun in  every direction it could to get out of the way of Vic Viper, while firing several energy rays and missiles at it. Max quickly got out of the way of those shots, blasting around behind Big Core... or so he attempted. Big Core, despite its size, quickly followed after Max, and was still in front of him three minutes later.

        "Shit!! We're gonna die if we stay in front of this guy!! Robert, can we like, turn on Laser or something?"

        "Lemme check how much power we've captured from the surface assault...  uh... Yes!! Activating Laser now!!!" Robert hit the fourth button on the panel, and Vic Viper began charging up an energy sphere...   "Gotta make this count!!!"  

         "Robert, fire that laser now!!"

         Robert nodded. "Give me a few seconds...  it's locking on!!! Alright, good going, Ramona!!!!" Robert smiled, and pulled the trigger. "One dead Core in three, two, one..."

         Vic Viper sat silently in front of Big Core and its bullets. Suddenly, a thin line appeared, running from the nose of the Viper, all the way to the front of Big Core. several panels on big core started melting through, until the laser reached the core itself, overcharging it until it exploded. Big Core seemed to lose all control, as it glowed bright red with several explosions rocking the outside of it. Max and Robert watched as it glowed brighter and brighter and brighter, then suddenly...   A deafening sound rocked the inside of the Viper, as everything in the boys' vision went white. When they came to, Big Core was gone, and the way was clear.

        Robert sat there, eyes wide, at what just happened. "That..      was...  ....AWESOME!!!"

        "Hahaha!!!" Max laughed like a maniac, the good humor of years past returning to him. "Now let's go find ourselves Dalton."

        With that, Viper's engines charged up, and she was blasting off again.
And CRUSH THE FORCE is underway!!
BurnedMatch Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
Once again, so sorry for the late comment! Great chapter, again! :D
rustedsoda Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
lol you're so far back XD Good thing I'm too lazy/writer blocked for now. :p Now I don't feel bad for not continuing in a timely manner
BurnedMatch Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
I know! :XD:
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